Media & Methods is proud to announce the AWARDS PORTFOLIO winning products for the year 2005. This year’s results represent releases of cream-of-the-crop educational resource products produced for K-12 schools. Educators served as judges to make product selections based on: comprehensiveness, versatility for different learning abilities, ease-of-use, innovativeness, level of motivation, interest, strengths and weaknesses. Media & Methods Magazine applauds and acknowledges the commitment of these winning companies for their development of quality mater-ials, resources and instructional tools. These products certainly deserve the title of Cream-of-the-Crop in the field of education.


- Administrative Software & School Management Systems
- Assessment
- Computer Hardware
- Computer Security
- Cross-Curricular
- Reading, Writing & Language Arts
- Family & Consumer Sciences
- Foreign Language
- Graphing Calculators
- Internet Online Services and References
- Internet Filtering and Network Maintenance
- Library Automation
- Presentation Equipment & Display Technologies
- Science
- Social Studies
- Student Information Systems
- Technology Training & Professional Development
- The Arts
- Video Editing

Feel free to click on the website links provided here for your easy access to more details about each award winning product.

Administrative Software &
School Management Systems


NetOp School – Software

This software allows teachers to broadcast their computer screen, multimedia files or any student’s computer screen to other participants. Student and teacher screen sessions can be recorded and played back.

Overall Evaluation:  “This software is helpful to any elementary school teacher who wants to show websites or other types of software to students. The software enables monitoring students and keeping track of what they are working on.”

Crosstec Corporation



NetSupport School 7.5 - Computer Lab Instruction, Testing and Monitoring Software

Teachers can display a computer screen on a student’s workstation or view up to 16 screens on the tutor machine simultaneously.

Overall Evaluation: “A must-have in the classroom. The student-testing module allows the tutor machine to design and customize tests that include text, picture, audio and video questions.”




eSchoolPLUS -

Student Management System

This system allows school administrators, district staff, teachers, parents and board members to manage and access a summary of detailed student information they need.

Overall Evaluation: “The system has a highly graphical user interface that users find helpful and easy to use. Teacher applications can also be accessed from a Macintosh PC with Internet Explorer.”

SunGard Pentamation




Audience Response System

With this system, teachers receive instant feedback from up to 300 users at a time.

Overall Evaluation: “This product allows the teacher to connect with student computers and communicate, demonstrate, show videos and give quizzes. A very user-friendly program.”







CPS - Classroom Performance System

This combination of software and portable equipment can be used for class quizzes, formal exams or class interaction. It calculates student scores instantly.

Overall Evaluation: “A broad-based product that allows all students to submit answers. When students record the answers, the grades can be imported to Excel, Word, PDF, or CPS gradebook, which is a very helpful and time-saving feature.”




InterWrite PRS -

Personal Response System

This system enables students to use their wireless transmitters to answer questions and record their responses with the simple click of a button.

Overall Evaluation:  “Immediate feedback and instant results to answers of test questions are a very powerful tool in learning. Students love being able to use this device to offer answers and get results during class time.”

GTCO CalComp



Qwizdom Interactive Learning System -

Response System

Here is a response system with multi-key remotes that provide instant feedback and grading for every participant. Students can respond to questions posed during lessons, tests, and reviews. 

Overall Evaluation:  “A wonderful resource for the classroom that enables teachers to get immediate feedback on projects they create for the classroom. Student feedback helps monitor and adjust instruction as well as assist in the overall learning process.”  

Qwizdom, Inc.




Computer Hardware
& Peripherals


Neo - Laptop Alternative

This laptop alternative includes a built-in enhanced word processor and calculator as well as SmartApplet mini-software applications. These enable keyboarding instruction, classroom quizzes and outlining functions.

Overall Evaluation: “Here is a flexible and less expensive alternative to the traditional computer lab. These devices do not require much storage space and are easily transported from classroom to classroom. Teachers can evaluate student rough drafts without printing them out.”




GradeMaster 600 – Scanner

This is a machine that scans grades enabling teachers to grade numerous student papers at one time.

Overall Evaluation:  “A practical easy-to-use tool that is particularly helpful in a school setting where some type of ballot is given to an entire school body. On a one-sided scanning sheet, you can scan up to 9,999 sheets at one sitting.”

Apperson Print Management Services



Gateway M275 -

Notebook-to-Tablet PC

A powerful notebook and tablet PC all in one. This device offers the convenience and flexibility of wireless network connectivity and using either a keyboard or a digital ink pen.

Overall Evaluation:  “A tool like this could transform education beyond what it is today. The large screen is certainly a plus. The tablet is particularly helpful for younger students who are learning cursive writing and cannot type yet.”




Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printer 4345 mfp

This multi-function printer combines high-quality print, copy, scan, fax, e-mail and document finishing capabilities in one easy-to-use device.

Overall Evaluation:  “The touch-screen graphical control panel makes this printer very easy to use. The printer includes a 100-sheet multi-purpose tray and a 500-sheet input tray for 600-sheet capacity. Great for all school needs.”

Hewlett Packard


N-Charge Power System

This is a universal 10-hour Lithium-ion external battery for laptops. It helps teachers and students get through an entire school day without having to recharge their notebook PCs.

Overall Evaluation:  “This product is a must for any school that uses laptop computers. It is simple to use and requires no instruction. It can withstand excessive heat, overcharging and abuse, making it totally safe for any classroom use.”

Valence Technology



Computer Security

Computrace – Software

Laptop security and tracking software providing software inventory and computer inventory. It does IT asset management, software license management, and contains data security tools and services.

Overall Evaluation:  “This software offers an efficient and powerful way of managing all your school computer assets. It also gives you the ability to track a lost or stolen computer.”

Absolute Software



EdTools Steadfast Instant Rollback – Software

This software contains a set of system restore and disaster recovery tools. It is designed to help administrators recuperate from system problems, lost or damaged files and corrupted software.

Overall Evaluation:  “Here is a welcomed addition to any school network that supports existing programs for student protection and network monitoring. An excellent program for controlling programs, bandwidth, drives and student Internet usage.”

Bright Tools



Deep Freeze -

Security Software

This software restores original computer settings on every restart, protecting a school’s network from viruses, Trojans and other threats.

Overall Evaluation: “Administra-

tors can now have total control over their school’s computers. They can restart, shut down or wake computers remotely while viewing the complete status of every workstation on the network.”

Faronics Technologies




PC Manifest Version 1.0 -Vital Asset Management Software

This software creates a complete inventory of all the hardware, software and system information for each computer on a school network. It automatically records the dates and details of every software installation and hardware upgrade for each computer.

Overall Evaluation:  “An essential tool that continuously monitors each computer, creates user-friendly reports and alerts administrators to changes.”

Fortres Grand Corporation





A+nyWhere Learning System - Instructional Courseware Program

This courseware program consists of a network-based or Internet de-

liverable instructional management system. It is supported by standards-based assessment tools and core curriculum for grades 1-12+.

Overall Evaluation:  “A comprehensive resource covering a variety of content areas including reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and Spanish. The integrated assessment tools ensure that instruction is totally

targeted to individual student’s needs.”

The American Education Corporation



BrainPOP - Website

This website offers hundreds of animated standards-based movies for K-12 students. Each movie provides a stand-alone explanation of a particular concept such as the brain, natural selection, or the Civil War.

Overall Evaluation:  “This is an easy-to-use, inexpensive product particularly beneficial for auditory/visual learners. The videos are short, explanations are simple and easy to understand.” 




Create Together – Software

A software authoring tool allowing students to create software for Internet and CD-ROM publication without having to learn a programming language or syntax.

Overall Evaluation:  “Students and teachers find this product to be a great resource for student authoring and for presentations. The software gives students an opportunity to research, design and create computer-based and Internet-based games and simulations, using their creativity and problem-solving skills.”

Bytes of Learning



WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures - Class Pack

A multimedia kit of materials including music CDs, DVDs, a teacher’s guide, 30 songs highlighting the seven continents and a world map poster.

Overall Evaluation:  “This is an amazing social studies tool for elementary school social studies classes. The teacher’s guide is comprehensive and easy to understand. Contains a wide variety of activities – everything a teacher needs.”

Girdwood Partners



Kidspiration 2 – Software

Cross-curricular visual learning software that offers drawing tools, images and symbols to help students in grades K-5 build literacy skills. In writing view, pictures are displayed next to corresponding words to reinforce the relationship between known language and a meaningful images. 

Overall Evaluation:  “A great tool to help students develop thinking, categorizing and writing skills. The program contains 75 standards-based activity templates and helpful graphic organizers.”

Inspiration Software



LearnStar SC v7.5 - Software

This software offers students questions followed by answer choices. The faster the students solve questions, the more points they earn. 

Overall Evaluation:  “A useful product that allows students to work independently at a computer answering questions from different subject areas. The questions used in this software require students to think, while allowing them to also guess if they are unsure of the answer.”




Reading, Writing &
Language Arts


CompassLearning Odyssey Writer - Software

This software provides tools for teaching and assessing student writing. It includes tools for generating and organizing ideas, drafting of text, editing, revising and publishing.

Overall Evaluation:  “Here is a comprehensive program with a great self-assessment rubric for students to assess their own work. The management component really helps teachers supervise student writing.”

Compass Learning




Destination Reading – Software

This research-based program teaches students phonics, decoding, and comprehension skills guiding students to read proficiently by third grade.

Overall Evaluation:  “This program includes activities, songs and word games that are sure to engage young students while they are developing reading skills. Sequenc-

ed materials ensure that each new skill builds upon the prior one.”




AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus - Software

A customizable reading program that helps students learn how to read better and faster. Students take self-paced reading comprehension tests to determine their “base reading speed.”

Overall Evaluation:  “A very flexible learning tool that allows teachers to create their own drills with the Drill Editor and their own comprehension texts. The program helps teachers determine the complexity and grade level of text that each student needs.”




Good Conversation!

A Talk with Avi – Video

This 30-minute video introduces students to an author who talks about what it takes to be a good writer as well as about the inspirations behind some of his books.

Overall Evaluation:   “An interesting video that introduces students in a positive way to the world of a writer.” 

Tim Podell



Family & Consumer Sciences, Life Skills & Career Exploration


Discovering Careers for Your Future: Fashion –

A Book

This book describes the many possibilities for a career in fashion and how different careers are connected to one another. It covers a wide variety of professions, everything from costume designers, fashion designers and fashion illustrators to make-up artists, fashion writers, and retail sales workers.

Overall Evaluation:   “A well-organized resource offering straightforward information about the fashion industry. A great resource for guidance counseling.”

Ferguson Publishing



Food Safety & Kitchen Safety - Card Game

This game asks students to respond to questions about keeping food safe, avoiding foodbourne illnesses and using safe food preparation methods.

Overall Evaluation:  “This game is great for starting discussions and reviewing the topic of food safety. It is effective with both small and large groups.”

J&B Products



Character Journal Interactive: Program 1 - Trustworthiness – CD-ROM

This program presents ethical dilemmas and questions that have students explore their own character. Included is content and situations from history, literature and recent events.

Overall Evaluation:  “Students become active learners who perform a self-analysis, write in their own electronic journal and work on their difficult personal areas.”

Live Wire Media




Foreign Language


ESL ReadingSmart - Online Reading Program

This is a multi-cultural literature-based website designed to provide reading materials and activities for the ESL classroom.

Overall Evaluation:  “This research-based online program meets the rigors of state-mandated curriculum, providing comprehensible material covering language arts/ESL, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.”

Alloy Multimedia



Muzzy Spanish Interactive Exercises on CD-ROM - Level I

A series of six CD-ROMs offering 96 fun and rigorous Spanish language practice opportunities. They include reading comprehension, writing, grammar and vocabulary usage.

Overall Evaluation:   “With this program, new vocabulary and grammar are learned in a fun way. It is done in the context of humorous, suspenseful dramatic stories, singable music and appealing characters.”  

Early Advantage

888/327-5923. A helpful resource for teachers and students of the Japanese language. It includes access to the Member’s Only site with Japanese multimedia, math lessons and a members’ forum. 

Overall Evaluation:  “A very good resource with lessons depicting everyday experiences of a high school student. Includes a handy online dictionary and a 16-lesson pulled-down menu focusing on learning the Japanese language.”

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.



Side By Side Interactive – Software

This video-based ESL program combines video, audio, graphics and text to provide students with exercises and activities.

Overall Evaluation:  “A fabulous resource offering students practice in grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing. The video, audio and animations provided are all very engaging.”




Graphing Calculators


TI-Navigator 2.0 Calculator -Hardware and Software

A combination of hardware and software working together to create a wireless network of Texas Instruments calculators. Teachers can access the work of each student in a class individually.

Overall Evaluation: “Students can easily transmit information wirelessly to the teacher as well as receive teacher’s feedback.”

Texas Instruments



  Internet Online Services & References


World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras - Subscription Website

This website includes primary and secondary sources covering ancient and medieval times, from human prehistory to the great early empires and the beginnings of the Renaissance.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a comprehensive resource that includes even timelines for all the periods covered. It helps students compare developments in different regions across time.”




Sat I - Online Test Prep Site

This database contains seven full-length practice exams that can be taken in either the timed test-taking mode or the untimed practice mode.

Overall Evaluation: “This easy-to-navigate website provides immediate feedback with explanations of why an incorrect answer is incorrect. This can greatly help students in the learning process.”

Barron's Educational Series



History Database Center

This search interface allows users to tailor searches across the entire content of any combination of the Facts on File history databases covered by the library’s subscription, from one to all six, while reserving the option to browse individual databases separately.

Overall Evaluation: “This thorough resource is an one-stop information station that helps students in any subject area. Its interface allows users to take advantage of the specialized features that each database contains. For example, the "browse by time period" feature remains accessible throughout the individual databases.”

Facts on File



netTrekker - Search Engine

A search engine that delivers over 180,000 relevant, educator-selected online resources to every desktop. It provides results across the curriculum and aligns resources directly to each state’s academic standards and benchmarks.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a great tool for teachers to have at their fingertips. Anytime they feel like they need something more to cover a state standard, they can log on to this website and find a lesson plan that meets their needs. Very easy to navigate through this entire website.”




ProQuest Historical Newspapers -

Graphical Database

This database delivers the complete run of key national newspapers via a new user-friendly graphical interface. Students can quickly locate and access relevant historical newspaper documents.

Overall Evaluation: “This product is a good research tool for students. It helps them search efficiently and enables them to cite the source accurately. Students can even e-mail the information to their personal accounts.”

ProQuest Information and Learning



Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center -

Online Database An online library of current event topics that provides indepth information on today’s social issues.

Overall Evaluation: “A valuable resource that contains facts as well as the arguments of each topic’s proponents and detractors. Every topic is searched in a wide variety of sources. The Research Guide and Toolbox add great value to the site, as they offer helpful information for teachers teaching the all-important skill of researching.”

Thomson Gale



Internet Filtering & Network Maintenance


iPrism - Filtering Device

An Internet access management appliance that monitors, filters and reports on inappropriate Internet access within schools.

Overall Evaluation: “The comprehensive reporting feature with this product provides important information regarding activity happening in a school or district’s computer network. Customizable categories to protect students from unacceptable materials are a great feature.”

St. Bernard Software



Spam Filtering Service

A solution that eliminates up to 99% of incoming spam and e-mail borne viruses. All e-mails are checked for virus and spam content before they reach the school network.

Overall Evaluation: “This product offers comprehensive protection by utilizing user-specific rules, keyword scanning, rate controls and a message authenticity check.”                                                        

Tangent Computer



Network Migration Services

Tangent provides network services that allow schools to migrate to newer networking technologies. For example, a school might switch to or upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 from Windows NT, Windows 2000, or other operating systems, or migrate to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 from Exchange 5.5/2000.

Overall Evaluation: “Tangent provides individual attention to the unique requirements of each school’s network (for example, the number of computers that are networked), helping schools easily migrate or upgrade their networks so they are not left behind. This process is not disruptive to any of the users.”

Tangent Computer


Library Automation Systems


Atriuum - Library

Automation Software

This library automation system combines the scalability of a SQL Database and the security of the Linux Operating System with the convenience of a Web browser.

Overall Evaluation: “A comprehensive product that can be easily accessed from anywhere. Real-time reporting is also very helpful.”

Book Systems



Destiny Textbook Manager - Textbook Management Tool

This is a centralized, fully browser-based textbook management tool that is installed and maintained at the district.

Overall Evaluation: “A practical tool that tracks textbooks and textbook usage across a district or school. It is very helpful that technical support staff can access the system remotely, from any workstation with a browser.”

Follett Software Company



Library 4 Universal - Library Automation System

This library automation system allows cataloging of up to 16.77 million records, everything from videocassettes to paperbacks. It provides plenty of room for future expansion of a school’s collection.

Overall Evaluation: “The graphical user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate from function to function. Countless report templates as well as very simple overdue reports are provided. Overdue reports and letters can be produced effortlessly and e-mailed to the patrons.”

Kelowna Software



Surpass Copycat - z39.50 Copy Cataloging Client

This z39.50 copy cataloging client allows librarians to quickly and easily download free MARC records for use with Surpass or any library automation system.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a very practical and cost-effective tool that allows libraries to access unlimited quantities of free MARC records – for no annual fee. It improves the holdings information, which ultimately makes it easier for patrons to find what they are looking for.”

Surpass Software




Online Selection & Acquisitions -

Library Software

This software allows managing the entire acquisitions process, everything from selection, purchasing and receiving, to invoice management and fund accounting.

Overall Evaluation: “This practical library resource includes title lists from a variety of vendors and publishers and is enriched with cover art, excerpts and tables of content. A one-stop resource for any one busy developing and managing their school libray collections.”

The Library Corporation



Presentation Equipment &

Display Technologies


AVerVision330 -

Document Camera

This is a portable camera with an image capture and playback feature, a Smart AutoFocus System, and support for both digital and analog outputs.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a well-designed device that captures and displays top-notch, high-quality images with minimum fuss. The fully functioning remote control is quite handy in classrooms.”

AVerMedia Technologies



Universal Projector

Mount RPA-U

This projector mount supports most invertible projectors that do not have to be mounted upright in the ceiling. Adjustable mounting legs allow for customizing the installation.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a well-built projector bracket. The frameless mount makes for easy disconnection of the projector and also provides easier access to the projector for changing filters and bulbs.”

Chief Manufacturing



FlexCam USB - Educational Camera

A high-quality video camera that connects directly to a PC or Macintosh computer, transmitting both audio and video. The included ArcSoft photo imaging software enables students to capture and edit video or still images.

Overall Evaluation:  “This versatile camera allows students and teachers to record pictures and video from a stationary source. The built-in microscopes are very handy when creating video or doing demonstrations that will be used on a computer or online.”

ClearOne Communications



InterWrite SchoolPad - Wireless Pad

This BlueTooth wireless pad gives the teacher the ability to use the pen like a mouse to annotate and highlight any computer application while standing anywhere in the classroom.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a unique device designed to work alone or in conjunction with other devices. Students love being able to use the device and contribute during presentations. The device includes a useful tool bar and background pages. 

GTCO CalComp



Hitachi Projector CP-S235

An easy-to-use projector that includes the monitor output feature allowing presenters to view the same projected image on an external monitor and avoid turning back to look at the screen.

Overall Evaluation: “A good entry-level projector that serves well in classrooms. This well-designed unit features very good image quality, large remote, quiet fan and flexible input sources that include comp-

onent and S-video.”

Hitachi America



InFocus  Projector X2

A dual-duty digital projector that can be hooked up to a variety of devices: laptops, PDAs, DVDs, cable or satellite TV systems, or digital cameras.  

Overall Evaluation: “A well-designed projector, clearly marked button controls and easy set-up, great on-screen menus, large remote control and quiet fan. This is a great entry-level projector for any type of school presentations, including video.”




Ken-A-Vision Digital Video Flex 7200u -

Multi-Purpose Camera

This multi-purpose camera operates in low-light situations and is perfect for science, technology and art. A glass lens and Quick Turn focus allows this camera to capture superior quality images.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a well-built, sturdy device capable of many years of classroom use. It focuses quickly and the combination of gooseneck and ball and socket head makes it particularly easy to adjust to almost any angle.”




Projector NEC VT670

A projector that features plug-and-project installation and automatic synchronization to a computer or video source, which makes it very easy to use.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a good looking, well-designed projector including dual computer inputs which allow multiple computers to be used simultaneously in presentations. Even small text can be projected clearly with the computer’s native XGA resolution.”

NEC Solutions



PolyVision Walk-and-Talk Interactive Panel

This panel LCD screen allows users to make annotations directly on the screen via the active stylus or intuitive handheld remote control.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a simple-to-use tool ideal for the classroom. Teachers can annotate right on top of presentation and explain the concepts while maintaining eye contact with students at all times.”

Overall Evaluation: “This is a simple-to-use tool ideal for the classroom. Teachers can annotate right on top of presentation and explain the concepts while maintaining eye contact with students at all times.”

PolyVision Corporation



Sharp Projector XR-1X

A portable projector that is easy to move from classroom to classroom. Carl Zeiss Optics and zoom lens provide a high quality image to enhance presentation clarity.

Overall Evaluation: “This projector is a winner in any category. It features a great compact size, superior XGA native resolution, excellent brightness and contrast, quiet fan, easy-to-use on-screen controls and menus. The projector features DLP technology, which ensures moving video looks really good.”

Sharp Electronics Corporation



Media Manager - Presentation Station

This is a technology lectern that is compact enough to be easily whisked from room to room.

Overall Evaluation: “A great lectern spacious enough to house a tower CPU, laptop and document camera. It also features a large work surface for desktop and laptop computers, projectors and other peripheral equipment.” 

Spectrum Industries






PLATO Physical Science - Software   

A standards-based curriculum that supplements middle school and GED science instruction. It addresses difficult concepts in science with sophisticated computer animation and multimedia.

Overall Evaluation: “This software provides an excellent online resource for physical science classes. Includes great graphics and support material.”

Plato Learning, Inc



Go! Temp -

Temperature Probe

This is a stainless steel temperature probe that plugs directly into the USB port of a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Overall Evaluation: “A simple, hands-on device that encourages students to become involved. This product does not require additional interfaces, which contributes to the product’s ease of use. “

Vernier Software & Technology



Social Studies


Think Like a Historian – Software

This software offers primary sources such as oral histories, buildings, prints and drawings, artifacts and written documents.

Overall Evaluation: “This engaging product allows students to take a self-guided tour to discover differences between primary and secondary sources. The variety of primary sources included is amazing.”  

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation



Economics: An Interactive Approach - Software

This is a comprehensive high school program that explores the world of Economics, from basic definitions to surviving as an individual consumer. The program is divided into 10 topics, and includes a comprehensive overview, tutorials and review questions, writing activities, graphics and projects.

Overall Evaluation: “This is an excellent resource for an economics classroom. It can be used as a reference, for remediation or to reinforce classroom learning. It offers tutorials, a glossary, information on important people, time lines and interactive quizzes.”

Worldview Software


World History: An Interactive Approach

(Web Version)

This comprehensive program begins with the Growth of Civilization and proceeds to the present. It is divided into 48 topics, each with a comprehensive overview, tutorials and review questions, writing activities, graphics and projects.

Overall Evaluation: “An outstanding resource for any world history classroom. All the background materials, including maps, graphs and charts, source documents, essays, art, and biographical sketches engage students and provide opportunities for thorough exploration of each topic.”

Worldview Software

800/347-8839 .


American History: An Interactive Approach

(Web Version)

This comprehensive high school program begins with the Period of Exploration and proceeds to the present. It is divided into 32 topics, each with a comprehensive overview, tutorials and review questions, writing activities, graphics, and projects.

Overall Evaluation: “A fabulous resource that includes original text from 53 historic documents, bringing American history to life. Useful projects and essay-writing activities are offered.”

Worldview Software



Student Information Systems


Chancery SMS -

Student Information System

This SIF-compliant student information system is based on standards that support seamless integration of data with other applications. These can include instructional management, food services, transportation management, and health and library systems.

Overall Evaluation: “A great program that allows breaking family information into more modern units to include stepparents, extended parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles. This is very helpful since many students come from non-traditional families.”

Chancery Software LTD



PowerSchool SIS -

Student Information System

An innovative Web-based student information system for schools and school districts. It allows using demographic data and student performance factors to inform instruction, increase parental involvement and produce local, state and federal reports.

Overall Evaluation: “A practical platform-independent resource that can be accessed from any Windows or Mac computer with a web browser. A school district will not need to buy a server for every school. The server can be centrally located at the district office.”




eSIS - Student Information System

A Web-based student information system that offers access to real-time data – up-to-the-minute statistics and information accessible from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Overall Evaluation: “A comprehensive student information system that helps schools manage student information in the most efficient way. To help schools deal with attendance problems, there is an Attendance Intervention feature and Auto-Dialer Interfaces, with automatic calling functions to the student’s home.”

The Administrative Assistants



Technology Training & Professional Development


Atomic Learning -

Online Training Resource

This website contains over 12,000 video tutorials including over 2,000 Spanish language tutorials for the most commonly used productivity software.

Overall Evaluation: “This is a fantastic product for teaching basic technology courses. The tutorials provide answers to those fine-tuning technology questions that come up in the classroom.”

Atomic Learning



Easy Tech - Online Technology Integration System

This system combines a proven technology curriculum with a powerful management system to help educators integrate technology across the curriculum.

Overall Evaluation:   “A great technology integration tool, particularly useful for younger students. The step-by-step tutoring videos allow students to practice what they are being taught immediately in a controlled environment. Activities can be printed out for immediate independent or group practice on the skill students just learned.”



Scholastic Red - Professional Development Online Courses

A comprehensive professional development solution designed to help teachers raise student achievement in reading. Courses combine in-person training and collaboration with self-paced, individualized online learning.

Overall Evaluation: “A comprehensive resource that thoroughly covers every single topic related to reading: phonics and phonemic awareness, fluency, decoding, vocabulary, text comprehension and guided reading.”




What Works in Classroom Instruction: Research-Based Strategies - Videos & CD

This program teaches educators strategies that they can use successfully in the classroom. Educators learn how to effectively teach students how to take notes as well as how to use graphic organizers.

Overall Evaluation: “A very convenient training video broken up into eight 20 to 30 minute segments. It could be used for staff development at many levels. Teachers can individually check out the video and view it at their own pace. Small groups of teachers can also view it during grade level meetings.” 




The Arts


Corel - Painter IX Software

This computer graphics and painting software includes tools such as brush control palettes, frames-per-second control and customizable shortcut keys.

Overall Evaluation: “This versatile software gives students everything they need to create amazing projects – digital watercolor, digital palette and an artist oil brush.”

Corel Corporation



Caught in Paint – Video

This video shows a collaborative project between artist Rita Blitt and The Parsons Dance Company. It combines the dynamic paintings of the artist and the graceful motion of the dancers as they respond to the paintings.

Overall Evaluation: “This interesting video communicates the basic elements of art and principles of design. It includes navigable menus to select relevant elements or principles as well as applied activities.” 

Crystal Productions



Video Editing



Production Suite VT[4]

This Production Suite provides a comprehensive toolset for all video production needs from network broadcast to web streaming. Includes live switching, real-time keying, titling, compositing, 2D video painting, 3D modeling and animation.

Overall Evaluation: “A versatile product that can help schools with all their production needs, everything from student-created project-based videos to live broadcasting of local high school sports events.”




PhotoImpact 10 -

Video Editing Software

This is image-editing software that helps students learn digital photography, graphic design and Web graphic/page creation.

Overall Evaluation: Overall Evaluation: “This fabulous program helps students create great projects and websites. This product enables the user to become very creative while enhancing photo images. The graphic tools supplied with this software allow the user to cut out specific parts of a photo and change the image color.”

Ulead Systems